Isothane Technitherm Closed Cell Cavity Wall Insulation


The Isothane Technitherm cavity wall insulation and stabilisation system is an injected polyurethane foam product. Its closed cell properties mean that it is suitable for many different types of domestic and commercial properties including some previously thought to be unsuitable for cavity wall insulation.

This rigid foam is suitable for injection into new and existing masonry cavities which may be fully empty or partially filled with rigid board insulation. The product completely fills the cavity from the bottom up, filling all areas as it expands in the direction of least resistance, it will not expand outwards and damage the wall structure.

It has the following unique characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low VOC Formulation
  • No odour
  • Low Global Warming potential
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Airtight insulation
  • Watertight seal
  • Adds structural strength to walls
  • Cavity Wall stabilisation

The closed cell cavity wall product is suitable for:

  • Stone properties including those with random cavities
  • Properties with failed or missing wall-ties
  • High rise buildings
  • Properties with no damp proof course
  • Properties located in exposure to wind driven rain areas or that are prone to flooding
  • Variable cavities, minimum cavity depth of 25mm

Benefits of Closed-Cell Cavity Wall Insulation:

It has a huge number of benefits for owners of all types of properties.


  • Keeps your home warmer so heating bills are lower.
  • Reduces draughts & cold spots making your property feel more comfortable.
  • Suitable for most types of hard to treat homes with cavity walls.
  • Is installed externally in most instances causing minimal disruption to the property owners.
  • Solves penetrating damp problems.
  • Protects against wind driven rain.
  • Provides flood resilience protection.
  • Reduces condensation and mould growth on the insides of external walls.
  • Non-absorbent, so will not cause damp.
  • Gives structural stability to properties where there are missing or failed wall-ties through its ability to adhere inner and outer leaves of properties together.
  • Suitable for insulating uneven width cavities.
  • Improves the energy efficiency rating of the property
  • Excellent sound proofing properties

It is also used for the stabilisation of masonry cavity walls by strongly adhering the inner and outer leaves together and as such is a convenient and cost effective alternative to metal cavity wall tie replacement.

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