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Loft insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of conserving heat in your property.  It is an effective insulator & can cut your energy bills and help keep your home warm, as it prevents heat escaping through the loft.

Building Regulations recommend an optimum depth of 270mm of insulation.

All new build houses from 2003 should meet this standard.

However, even if your property was built after 2003, it’s worth checking the thickness of your loft insulation, as shortcuts may have been made during the building process.

Insulation thicker than 270mm won’t cause any problems, but will only provide very minor improvements.

If your loft insulation requires additional material to be installed, we can bring the loft insulation back up to specification.

We take into account the condition of the existing insulation, size of the loft area and the air supply keeping your loft dry.

We can remove & dispose of your failed insulation if it has broken down or is wet due to moisture from condensation or even from water penetration from tile or felt failure, as the insulation will struggle to maintain heat loss as good as it once did.

We can provide you with a free survey/inspection offering you advice on how to improve your current loft Insulation.

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